Links and Comments, Mon. Oct. 12, 2015

I’ve never said Happy Columbus day so I won’t do it now, but I sure won’t say that other thing either.  In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue……….

The Fraying of the National Consensus

The End of Pax Americana

The New Axis of Evil–  just where you would expect it to be; plus many you might not expect.

Die hard liberals really, really do not get it. Kasparov vs Alan Colmes; Kasparov knows what he is talking about Colmes knows only his emotions.

Wildlife thriving in Chernobyl.  We have a friend who has been there and seen this first hand.  But that photo is not a bear.

Uh oh, The EPA has caused another toxic mine spill– via Hot Air

He’s a Democratic Socialist— a progressive, a liberal, a marxist.

Did you know this?  What is true is that Obama himself has signed multiple bills into law that have repealed ObamaCare bit by bit.

the Chamber of Commerce is specifically threatening to primary any Freedom Caucus members who oppose Paul Ryan as Speaker.

Trey Gowdy accuses Blumenthal with war profiteering.  I believe he fits the profile.

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