Links and Comments, Tues. Oct. 13, 2015

The Iraq of Latin America

Planned Parenthood makes a big announcement, as if they are no longer accepting reimbursement for fetal tissue anywhere, or at least that is the report I heard on the radio, apparently The change affects only one Planned Parenthood affiliate that currently accepts compensation for donating fetal tissue to medical research. Notice the headline on the linked article.

Democracy is happening now in the Republican Party, in the Democratic Party, not so much.

Hmm….. a crime…. I wonder who the culprit is?  Investigative journalist Michael Isikoff reports that an e-mail Sidney Blumenthal sent Hillary Clinton while secretary of State revealed the name of a CIA operator, putting the spy’s life at risk. Appearing Monday on Morning Joe, Isikoff said the e-mail, which Clinton forwarded to one of her State Department colleagues, is “evidence of a commission of a federal crime by somebody,” though not necessarily Clinton.

Richard Fernandz again, comparing the Democrats blindly following Obama to the mumurations of a flock of starlings.  I see his point.  Read the whole thing and you won’t have to wonder anymore about why they follow the leader so blindly. Also: But the liberal flock are more clever than the starlings.  They possess a media  that can suppress and distort information.

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