Links and Comments, Wed., Oct. 14, 2015

Fact Checking the Democratic Candidate lines from the debate.

There is something Rotten in Denmark, but maybe they will overcome it.  They are backtracking on what Bernie admires about them.

Is it all propaganda or do we need some of this advertising?

DHS manipulated hiring rules to favor politically connected candidates, judge finds, but clears top official of wrong doing.  Okay, not a real shocker here, of course the top person was a political appointee who knew nothing about the job she should have been doing.

Is this really the lost city of Sodom.  Probably so, but this is not the first I have seen of this site.  And this is why.  I have a lot of interest in archaeology.

What the Tea Party has achieved.

Apple just lost a huge suit about a patent, the University of Wisconsin stands to make a lot of money.

A Top Democratic Scientists is telling the truth, Obama is on the wrong side of climate change.

We Didn’t Start the Fire – Tea Party Patriots new anti-Hillary video.

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