Links and Comments, Sat., Oct. 16, 2015

I missed sending this out yesterday.  I had read the Hof’s mea culpa but not the Richard Fernandez post on it.

In my opinion it isn’t what Bernie Sanders doesn’t understand, it is what all his followers do not understand.  Meet the Democratic Socialist Party.

The Paranoid Supremacist roots of the Stabbing Intifada

As a person who taught illiterate adult students, and also their tutors to who taught them, I can testify to what the lack of phonics has done to many, many people.  Many teachers have been brainwashed into not seeing the purpose of phonics, one in this article learned it.

A judge has ruled Texas may deny birth certificates to immigrant kids, no mention of whether they were legal or illegal immigrants.

The Poor in the U. S. are richer than the middle class in much of Europe.

Have you heard about this hero?  Army Vet, 75, saves 16 kids from knife wielding attacker plotting mass murder.

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