Links and Comments, Mon., Oct. 25, 2015

Dump the Debt Ceiling – he has a valid point, and… wait for it….. at this point what difference does it make?

I may be forgetting this on purpose, I think I learn it anew every year, today is Hillary’s birthday, and one I share with a few other people I DON”T forget.  Hillary is the Fat Cats’ Favorite Candidate but she sure isn’t mine.

When it  is written by William Daley, you can be pretty sure it is a puff piece. I say it didn’t all start with Palin, there they go again blaming it on Palin.  What about a party that puts McCain up as a presidential candidate?  It was already broken.

On the Pork ban in federal prisons and why it was so quickly rescinded. We all know it was put in place for the Muslim prison population, don’t try to scam us.

the tea party no longer needs to fight the Republican Party from the outside: It can fight it from within. Do you think that is true?  I think we need to fight even harder.

Obama and his Israeli Falsehoods

Richard Fernandez on the Obama attempts at a nuclear arms deal with Pakistan.  I did not know about this.

The Death of the Humanities

Robert Heinlein’s 1973 Address to Midshipmen at Annapolis – from Instapundit

12 Times the GOP Establishment Kicked the Conservative Base in the Teeth.

Is Trump Our Napoleon?  by Victor Davis Hanson.

And for a little fun – Koch Brothers Dresses up as Darth Vader.  picture here:                  darthvader

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