Veteran’s Day a repost from Nov. 11, 2012

Today is Veteran’s Day and it actually happens on the 11th!  The history of it really dictates it to be on the 11th but there have been so many wars since World War I it seems almost impossible to keep it on that one day.

I wasn’t born when that war happened or ended but I do remember the huge celebration when World War II was finally over.  It seems we don’t know how to properly finish a war anymore.  We let them drag into political infighting while the actual military are still taking the hits on their bodies, minds and souls.  

We have an all volunteer army now, we did not when so many died in WWI and WWII, we had the draft, but that didn’t matter to many of the fallen heroes.  After the bombing of Pearl Harbor many of our best and brightest could not wait to be drafted, they enlisted by the thousands. Whether they enlisted or were drafted, the men of those wars were heroes.

Today we say Thank You to all who served, whatever war, whatever the reason.  We owe them a great debt and someday I hope everyone realizes that.

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