On the Paris Terrorism event and Refugee Resettlement in the USA


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Facebook and the internet is alive with pro and cons on the resettlement of refugees in the United States.  My tribe is a large one and one of the nephews, a Bernie Sanders supporter, is appalled at the mean, stingy Republicans and conservatives who think there might be a bad one among all the poor and suffering. So about that my daughter wrote this and I am very proud of her.

Her essay:

My thoughts on our country and the refugees…and yes, I’ve been mulling it over, what is the right thing to do? I don’t wish them ill, I just wish to keep our loved ones and our country safe.

Of all the jobs we as parents have, our most important ones are to teach them to love the Lord, and keep them safe. All the rest is gravy. Luckily we live in a country where that is relatively easy. We are blessed in that. So much of that is an accident of birth, or the will of God. That’s for another conversation.
Keep. Them. Safe.

Now, with the agony of this world, which is always with us, and always will be, there are so many people who are oppressed, starving, dying, my heart aches for them. So now we throw in the horrors of what ISIS is doing… I have no desire NOT to help those in need. These refugees, this poor wretched people. There but for the grace of God… So I do what little I can.

But I also realize that there are some within the ranks of these refugees that wish us dead. So much so that they are willing to die to accomplish this. So how do we protect our children? And all the others that we care about? Our parents? Our siblings? All the good people who live in this country? Do we allow all of the refugees in with no screening or vetting? Does God really want us to open our figurative arms to all in a case such as this? Or does God expect us to use our God given intelligence and make choices? Choices that define us and who we are? We do it every day. We all struggle with what we want, and what we think is right, and what God would have us do. Isn’t that what government is really supposed to be? Our way of keeping people we love safe? Of civil morals?

God doesn’t promise us safety, he promises us everlasting life. It’s my responsibility to keep those I love safe, as much as it is in my power to do so. And when our federal government refuses to see that there is a danger, isn’t that what state government is supposed to do?

I think that using those FEMA camps everyone is so worried about, for temporary housing, which gives our government time to do whatever checking and vetting is possible, is a responsible, humane, smart thing to do.

New York State’s Biggest Obamacare provider has gone broke.

The Clinton’s and their money, frauds all the way. John Hawkins on Hillary’s “Accomplishments.”

Justice Scalia tell the truth of the constitution,   it doesn’t say what the students thought about it.

We’ve got to give the man (Obama) credit, he seems to be right on at least one thing.

From an immigrants perspective: It is important to explain this, because the US is so large and has been in peace and prosperity so long that the arguments that broke up all over facebook were like watching two people discuss whether the greatest danger to the Titanic was bad soup or a measles epidemic, even while the iceberg tore the ship apart.

A Syria refugee has already gone missing, not tracked in Louisiana. Updated: they found him, he is moving to DC. Oh, right.  McConnell seems to have wised up a little.


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