Comments on Martin Luther King Day

Martin Luther King was a preacher. A preacher, remember that. He preached love not hate, he said he longed for the day when people were not judged by the color of their skin. Would he be listened to if he were on the scene today? Think about it. He thought that day would come. We are now more divided than we were 20 years ago. Come on people, when you honor the man, honor his ideals. He was a preacher, he preached love not hate. Remember him for that. I posted this on  my Facebook page this morning after listening to C-span. One man who called in was so full of hate he stated that Iran is more free than America.  I hope that poor, deluded man never goes to Iran, he would be so disappointed.

I think if you are not of a certain age you do not remember what MLK really stood for.  Can you imagine how he would grieve to know that hundreds of thousands of babies have been aborted?  How he would grieve for the young lives. not only the black ones, thrown away on drugs and on gang wars and killings. His heart would be broken.  And after writing this I read this online, my thoughts exactly.

I had no idea it has been so long since I posted a blog.  I’ve been extremely busy with life but I have kept up with my emailed links and comments to my email list on most days.  I’ve had many ideas for posts but they never make it to the computer. I am going to try to do better and get those thoughts posted to share with any readers I might have left. In the meantime here are more links and comments for today.

How the pardon of Marc Rich made millions for the Clintons.

When I read articles like this, I think back to how we forecast, or listened to others who forecast, the furture when I was a senior in high school in 1954.  We had no idea.  This article also reminds me of the people who over 100 years ago said there was nothing left to be discovered.  How wrong they were.

Where is the media who condemned Trump for his call to bam Muslims until this is “all sorted out,” when the UK is voting on banning Trump for his free speech comment?  Hypocrites, all of them.

I didn’t watch the Democrat’s debate, but this story says they handed the Republican’s a good campaign ad.  If they did will the Republicans use it.  There is so much out there they can use.

The French President has declared an economic emergency.

Even before we paid  a known ransom for kidnapped Americans, this happened.

The Prime Minister of Great Britain says if you don’t learn English you may be deported.  He is on to something.

Glen Reynolds who is a law professor and the originator and main blogger on Instapundit,  has a column in USA today on a Constitutional convention.


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