So Trump is the Presumptive Nominee

I have a very bad feeling about this.  I feel about the same as I did when it was obvious to me Mitt Romney was not going to win the presidency. I am a Cruz admirer.  I don’t know for sure he would have made a good president, but I know he would have tried to keep his word, just as he did for those who voted him into the Senate.

I am hoping Trump is selfish enough to really try to get America back in the direction of success.  It is to his financial benefit to do the right thing.  The question is this, has he alienated so many they will not vote for him in November if he is the nominee? (I understand Kasich is still holding on to his fantasy of being the nominee.) He has been so very slanderous and divisive I have seen so many bloggers and commenters on Facebook say “I will never vote for Trump, I will stay home.  Staying home is a vote for the progressives nominee.

It doesn’t matter who the Democrats put up, they will be a progressive.  Will Trump be better? I really don’t know and neither does anyone else.  Most people who are for Trump will see no harm in anything he says or does.  He says he is an outsider yet he is the insider who has lobbied to get his own way politically.  So we know he knows the system.  Will he use it to his own benefit, or will he use it for the benefit of the country.  We just don’t know, we can only hope for the best. At least he isn’t a known socialist.

The primaries aren’t over but the rest are only a case of doing it because they have to. We will see what happens in the convention. The GOP is so very good at forming circular firing squads and killing all hope.


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2 Responses to So Trump is the Presumptive Nominee

  1. tibby says:

    While I understand, and to a point, share your apprehension, I also think that Trump will come through in the end. Right now he’s playing the system to get what he wants. He does know how to be a gracious winner, even if he doesn’t know how to be a gracious loser. So, while I would much have preferred Cruz, and wish he hadn’t dropped out, I think that Trump can be a good president. I know, seriously, I really do know, he’ll be better than Hillery. Now, he needs to quit fighting to win the nomination, and start fighting her.

  2. dh watson says:

    We all simply wish Trump would learn how to keep his mouth closed when he wants to say something ugly, or things that will raise the ire of the media. Surely he knows how to game the system, so I wish he would start doing that while trying to act more professional and be a leader instead of a divider.

    Nevertheless, if even Trump never grows up, he’d be a much better president than the communist or the crook who are running in the opposing party.

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