Links and Comments the day after Trump won Indiana

Should the Tea Party become a Third Party?  The attempt to make the Republican Party more conservative has failed in more ways than one.  Donald Trump has proved how very disturbed so many are about the condition of our country but that does not mean it has become more conservative in a Tea Party direction, in fact that is the opposite of what most true blue Tea Partiers wanted.  Now this article in the Washington Post on what it calls a McConnell victory is a real wake up call to conservatives.

Some Never Trump voters are going to vote for Hillary.   I cannot understand why a conservative would actually vote for Hillary, some are not going to vote at all.  In many states that is a vote for Hillary, but here in Texas I do not believe it will have that much impact

Common Sense from Walter Williams found posted on Facebook

Once you go to Townhall you can’t read just one post.  Change is used for many reasons, read about this one.  Then read this about the Navajo Nation problems.

I’ve tried to avoid Trump posts for a week or so but not it is impossible.  This article on what is really going on is a clue to what really is going on. Nationalists vs Globalist.  Never Trump voters might want to keep this in mind, it is a great divide.  And then there is this, Strangers in our own party.

And this is also going on: “Do we live in a democracy, or a regulatory dictatorship? It’s hard to tell sometimes, especially after reading the latest annual report on the regulatory state issued by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

If you still trust Snopes, read this article.

This is a very sad state of affairs for Black students in liberal schools.

The Union Wins in the Veterans Affairs bill, just another  reason for more conservatives or conservatives who really are conservative.

Clinton Campaign made payments to hard drive and document construction business.

I beg to differ on this one, I think the Republican Party is quite capable of doing themselves in.

dead party

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