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There is more to the edict than just bathrooms, in fact it is a dictatorial directive on healthcare, too.  And in the directive explanation to colleagues they are told to exclude parents and let the officials handle the children’s needs.  Apparently CNN is surprised the bathroom edict cause a backlash.  This just gets worse and worse.

Jake Tapper fact checks Hillary on the emails.

The Iranians tortured this Marine but the admnistration doesn’t’  care, they wanted their so called “treaty.”

He who controls the past.  One of the reasons media bias matters so much.  I heard several calls to C-span this morning speaking of  GWBush lying about WMD’s in Iraq.  If you haven’t heard, even the Washington Post and NYtimes have admitted they were actually there.

And speaking of the Washington Post, Scott Johnson of Powerline tells how to Read the Washington Post.

From Ed Driscoll in Instapundit: PREDICTING THE EDUCATION APOCALYPSE: The amazing 1969 prophecy that racial preferences would cause the exact grievances of protesters today.

Mr. Trump Goes to Washington- the link is to a Maggie’s farm blog post, If you can, link the WSJ article from there, it is a Peggy Noonan essay.

CNN discovers party affiliation of Flint mayor accused of diverting funds, it took a while for them to do it because she is a democrat.

The Cruel Compassion of Transgender Acceptance As the great aunt of a transgendered person I cannot tell you how conflicted I am on this issue.  In my nephew’s case he was born with a  birth defect, one that showed him to be male, but he never had the genes or the hormones to become a male. So he was bullied and abused at school because he was definitely different.  When he got out on his own he took steps to have female hormones and become at least what looked like a woman, because it was too late to become a man.  Now, I don’t know how many of these TG people are like him, I know this happens, but I don’t think it is nearly as frequent as some would have you believe. From what I am reading many of them “feel” they are different, it is an emotional feeling, not a physical happening.  As for the bathrooms, many places already have the answer, the family bathroom. The one where fathers can take their babies, sons and daughters and mothers can do the same.  They are for individual use, they have locks on the doors, and no one knows which sex is in there. (I hate the word gender for a biological term.)

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