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Bill Clinton upset NATO allies in a broadly unreported gaffe accusing Poland and Hungary of thinking “democracy is too much trouble” and wanting to have an “authoritarian dictatorship.”  they’ve realized he is a  mouthpiece for George Soros.

Taking a private jet to claim an environmental award is really the height of irony. From Cannes to NYC and back to Cannes.  Oh, the hypocrisy.

The Algorithms on Facebook and how they are, and can be, slanted by the programmers.  Before there was any talk of bias the Washington Post ran this story almost a year ago.

Granted this comes from a right wing news site, I suspect it to be true. Feds Divert MILLIONS To ‘Slush Fund’ That Fuels These Liberal Activist Groups I believe it because of all the money I know to be funneled through the unions and back to the Democrats. And because of sstories like this: A group the White House recently identified as a key surrogate in selling the Iran nuclear deal gave National Public Radio $100,000 last year to help it report on the pact and related issues, according to the group’s annual report. It also funded reporters and partnerships with other news outlets.” Be sure you read this last story, and if you have time read this one, or read it if you  don’t have time for the 2nd one.

Greeting Slaves – by Richard Fernandez who says, “We expect revolutionaries to be indifferent to money.  Yet in reality the Left thinks about nothing but money as the Venezuelan socialists who have stole $350 billion from the  treasury according to the Basel Institute on Governance should have proved to the world. 

The federal government wasted more than $100 billion on overpayments last year.

Does Obama’s troubled childhood explain his bathroom edict?  I personally think it explains a lot.  It explains why he hates America and see her as an oppressor, a colonialist country, and a racist country.

Target- What is wrong with you, what are you thinking? They are suing a man who saved a girl who was being stabbed.

Uh oh, there is a whistle blower on that Nevada convention story.  She says she watched Clinton steal Nevada.

The media is trying to make Bill Clinton’s sex scandals go away.

The World’s Largest Solar Power Plant set itself on FIRE!  A real oopsie.

What’s behind the earthquakes in Oklahoma.  An informed video from a Stanford Professor.

from Instapundit: TO BE FAIR, IT WAS AFTER SHE INCREASED HER BODYWEIGHT BY ROUGHLY 50%: Former Miss Universe: Donald Trump called me ‘Miss Piggy.’

Another from Instapundit, this time via Sarah Hoyt  IT WON’T TAKE. SOCIALISTS ARE ALLERGIC TO HISTORY: Bernie Sanders says “Cubans never rose against Castro”–here’s a quick history lesson.



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