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Bernie, Bernie, Bernie, you can do better than this: Tripped up by a socialism in South America question.

IBM Mainframes and 8′ Floppy Discs Power US Nuclear Arsenal I hope PC magazine isn’t giving away state secrets, (sarcasm) but really this is outdated.  This article explains the reasoning or at least excuses it. Still, there is a major reason — other than simply being behind the times — for the military’s continued use of floppies: Sometimes, it says, low-tech is safer tech.

US Secret Service Punishes 41 over Leak of Lawmakers Data

Katie issues “regrets” over poor decision to edit pause into gun documentary interview.  Has NPR issued an apology or correction? I need to research that question. Apparently there is one today.

Hillary didn’t even know how to use a password on email.

This is a  heartwarming story, Dr. Heimlich uses his maneuver  to save a fellow resident at his nursing home.

Supreme Court Concern is Just Tip of the Iceberg for Conservatives

Remember that video of scientific hyperbole?  Well, do cell phones cause cancer in male rats?  If you give high enough doses, maybe.

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