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 Ex state department aide reveals how sloppy communication with Hillary caused damage.

The True Story of a Conservative Refugee

Major setback for the Climatistas.   Be sure to read the links in the post. And then see how “green” energy is destroying some environments.

Friday’s Ammo Grrrll post is about D-i-v-o-r-c-e the Trumpsters and the Republican Party.

More attempts to redefine the meaning of family.

Not all the bad guys are behind bars

Travesty and dishonor towards veterans over the Memorial Day weekend.

Hillary is an old hand at hiding emails.

Nicholas Kristoff is not giving up on telling the liberals they  have a blind spot.

Mediocre Expectations, she grew up in Portugal and Sarah Hoyt knows socialism.  An excerpt: “Thing is, there is no such thing as a therapeutic dose of socialism.  It’s not even as near-term beneficial as arsenic.  ¶ Because the problem with socialism is that it empowers envy.”

How many Transgenders in America?

Federal Conundrum: Open Borders vs Endless TSA LinesWhy aren’t the 100’s of thousands of illegal immigrants even asked for a photo ID, when 100’s of thousands of air travelers must produce one to fly within our own country? Yes, planes can be turned into dangerous weapons – but so can buses, trains, stadiums, schools, etc.  Why the double standard?”  Read it all, he makes a great point

From Instapundit: EL BUSTED: Telemundo Caught Staging Shot at Anti-Trump Protest in San Diego (video).

Related: “Aside from watching his reaction to being busted, the best moment by far was the sight of the cameraman trying to explain to the protesters that their beloved Mexican flag was flying upside-down.”

Telemundo is owned by NBC, which employs at least one spokesman extremely familiar with faking protests and ginning up riotsPosted by Ed Driscoll

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