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The bikers invited Trump to their Washington Rally.

More stonewalling on the Benghazi hearings

Vietnamese  Communist Leader says Anti-war Activists helped their Victory.  Of course they did and many of us knew it all along.  The problem is the liberal anti-war activists knew it, too and are proud of it.

DePaul University is shutting down conservative speech.

I do not usually link to Infowars but here is one time I will.  Mexican Immigrants video of teaching their child to say We have to kill him, about Trump.  This is how the Islamic terrorist train their children.

Nearly 46 million people across the globe are living in modern slavery  and they think we are the bad guys.

A Measles Outbreak has started at a detention center for immigrants (illegals) in Arizona.

Ezekiel Emanuel is a man who is responsible for much in Obamacare and is in favor of everyone 70 and over taking their own life to save money for the rest of the nation, that is for the hoi poloi mind you, not in his family.  His take on why we have a new superbug?  Antibiotics are too inexpensive.

Socialism for the uniformed…  and the true believers.

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