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The privileged in our midst aren’t just the elected officials.  At least some others think they are. On the other hand the head of the National Park Service has apologized for publishing a book without the permission of the Park Service. That seem innocuous to me, but he didn’t follow the rules.

There is a reason teen agers find it so hard NOT to follow the crowd.

US Spending scores biggest jump in 6 years… Now when will they admit we have been in an extreme inflationary period, and does that go into the amount spent?

Did this come out years ago, or is just now being used for Never Hillary?  Hillary triggered Vince Foster’s suicide when she publicly shamed him for not wanting Hillarycare.

Police foil a suicide bomb attack in Dusseldorf

The viral and deadly diseases of immigration- legal and illegal.

This directive finally got to this woman: The African-American woman who leads a state chapter of the ACLU has resigned, citing her own daughters’ “frightened” reaction to biological males using the women’s restroom.

CBS is running this documentary tonight.  You might want to watch it.  Meet the Mexican Americans who are for Donald Trump. Legals, of course.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Bernie Sanders should win the election A very telling endorsement,

In a Secret Meeting, Revelations on the Battle Over Health Care  Some IRS workers tell all.

Blue Cross, State’s largest health insurer disclosed rate hike plan in filing with federal regulators

Climate spin doctor took charge after professors’ ‘mistake’ called for prosecuting skeptics

Bill Clinton profits from world’s largest for profit University. That means Hillary does, too.

A car with Congressional license plates is driving for Lyft in DC.  Guess which party?

What does modern slavery look like?  This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Read the next two posts.  They were for some reason not published on the days shown. Of course if you are new here, read down as far as you want.

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