Obama’s Iran strategy realized

I am not the only one who will not watch the new Roots, but Lloyd Marcus recommends one we should watch.

Terry MacAuliffe has given voting rights to some felons, and to some who are hardened criminals.

Former Sec Albright says no one is going to die from Hillary’s emails but something Trump might do will kill them.  Hmmm….. you think she is biased?

Thirteen of the 23 Co-op created by Obamacare have failed.

Carter conspired with Khomeni to overthrow the shah.  You know what happened after that.

From John Hinderaker at Powerline: For the first time in our modern history, Brownshirts are on the march. As always, they are on the Left. This time in San Jose.

Vox has suspended an editor for encouraging riots.  But they only did so after much criticism on twitter and other media.  Also read How the American Left Made Political Violence the new normal.

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