On D-Day, June 6, 2016 Links and Comments

We didn’t believe the ICE statistics in the first place, apparently with very good read. Criminal Immigrants Re-offend at Higher Rates than ICE has Suggested.

IRS finally releases list of Tea Party groups targeted

England is giving up on wind power, meaning they aren’t being subsidized anymore.

Why aren’t the libs treating the San Jose violence like they should?  Because they think Donald Trump supporters are evil and need to be mugged.

I wouldn’t call this a coughing fit, it is a hacking cough.  I can sympathize, being of a certain age, taking meds that dry my throat, etc.  She needs to carry some cough drops.

Bill Whittle on Free College, or the real cost of free college.

A Washington Post Columnist is preaching to choir when she says the media should begin treating Trump “fairly.”  By that she means lets gang up on the SOB. But they already have.

From the Progessives today blog: White House pens social media script for Hollywood A-listers to tout immigration policies  Note: this is not written by progressives but those who are keeping us informed as to what they are up to.

Scientific American comes out for nuclear power to combat climate change.  Strange things are happening in this world, when will they turn their back on climate change now that they admit nuclear power is good?

Late to the game – Sanders finally challenges Clinton on Foundation Cronyism.

The Last Hill Richard Fernandez looks at the world and sees we are at a turning point.

June 6th, D-Day.  I have not forgotten.  I was 9 years old at the time.  I realize the numbers of us who actually remember are getting smaller every year. So many died for our cause, our country, the world and its freedom.  God Bless those who were lost that day, and all those lost in those wars, Europe’s and Japan’s.  Many, most probably, who fought and lived were changed forever.  The lives of those who loved them were, also. It was a different world, a different time.

Not many realize how much has changed.  We have been overtaken by time and the next generations’ wars are in the news.  They are not all wars of conflict, but also wars of the soul; a war of what exactly is the soul of America.  We know what it was, and we know what we want it to be, but it is no longer up to us, the aged, it is up to our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Let’s pray they do the right thing.




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