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About election violence – I looked but could not find any reference to organized and paid “protestors” in this article.  I put the blame on the Democrats, the socialists and the agitation promoted by our president and the one who pays them, George Soros.  Trump is blamed in most articles because he is the one they hate.  They would hate whoever was on top in the Republican race.

About that judge-  he is definitely not unbiased against Trump.  Also from Townhall on the subject.  And also this, if you aren’t convinced now… He should have used the word biased and given facts not the word Mexican.

Bring back DDT,  this should have been said long ago.  When we consider how many have suffered and died from Malaria and other mosquito related diseases and the finding that DDT is not as harmful as originally touted.

Louisiana insurers are seeking Obamacare rate hikes, BIG rate hikes.  Blue Cross Blue Shield also administers the retired employees of the state, that means me as an insured spouse.  The legislature stepped in a couple of years ago and stopped rate and deductible hikes.

Trey Gowdy cuts to the chase in a reply to the Democrats about the Benghazi committee report.

FBI files requests permission for a secret declaration in Hillary email FOIA case.  Now why in the world would they do that?  Anyone have an answer?

Is personal responsibility obsolete?  by Thomas Sowell

Read the First two stories at this link, one is about Hillary, the other about the thugs at rallies.

Maybe Obama just needs a real biology lesson.  Maybe just needs to learn that your genes determine your sex and that viruses and bacteria are spread in certain ways.

Ask your doctors how the electronic records things is working for them. All I have talked to about it are totally frustrated with the applications.  The concept may be good, but like many good intentions it just hasn’t worked for anything but more staff, more record keeping and total frustration for the staff and doctors.

Another Tragedy we should never forget, TWA 800 

Deep read of the day – Demography and Migration are Reshaping the Trans Atlantic Alliance.

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