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George Soros is rejoicing and planning to profit from the world’s troubles.  He has successfully contributed to all those troubles.

The current crop of Snowflakes is apparently not only in America.  And I would add, probably not all are young women, guys can be snowflakes, too.

Mitch McConnell just doesn’t know when to stop putting down conservatives.

And Obama just won’t stop trying for more division in the country. I guess he never heard of a melting pot.  But Victor Davis Hanson has and writes about the wonderful experience that is America.

Remember yesterday and the correction of the report that made conservatives seem mentally disturbed?  Well here is another debunking,  it is on the social cost of carbon.

Clinton’s emails could have compromised CIA agents.

More arrests in that San Jose violence.

That latest find about Couric’s sneaky editing; not her first job of this kind.

On women who should, or could, have been first female presidential nominee.  I suspect we all have our favorites we could add to the list.

It’s possible for individuals to lose their minds but can civilizations do the same? Richard Fernandez on the current crop of voters and their motivations.  Further down this: “The alternative theory to madness is religion.  The public is being converted to a new religion.”  I’ve long called the climate, wind and solar power, the worship of the earth a religion.  That is what is being foisted upon us and many raised with no religion are falling for it, the shame is that some raised with a religion fall for it.

And when we think of group think we need to think on this description from undercover officers at the San Jose violence.  Mob ruled, and mob was trying to be deadly, this officer was afraid.  We should be afraid, very afraid.

More on the CIA coverup on the TWA 800.

Don’t get used to the new normal. Or to quote another, “do not go gentle into that good night.” When I looked this up I was surprised to find Dylan Thomas not Eugene O’Neill.

The Clinton University Scandal, I may have linked a similar post before, but it needs saying again.  It’s like those scandals that put an R after a Republican but if it is a Democrat, don’t look for the D.

Powerline links a Watts Up with that post on clouds and climate change.  Another debunking should be coming soon, but will it ever appear?


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