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Identity politics, Krugman gets one right.

Also in my opinion Romney gets one wrong. He’s still mad cause he was called a loser, now he is acting like a sore loser.  Sorry, Romney, you already had your chance and blew it.

Whoever said that truth always wins out hasn’t spent much time in Washington about the mind of the president and his ilk.

GOPe  Pundits should relocate to Realville

This idea to stop telemarketing calls is a very good idea.

Some laid off workers who were replaced with foreign workers are very brave to speak up and leave money on the table instead of taking the hush money.

Wikileaks founder says Google is helping Clinton’s campaign

The President is on TV saying we aren’t sure what caused this act of terror, a surprise to some who know this: NBC News’s Pete Williams said law enforcement officials told him that the gunman called 911 just before the killing spree began, and pledged allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

NYT and NPR a Recipe for Cluelessness – they just don’t comprehend Chavez corruption and socialism ruined a prosperous country.

Much of history has already been rewritten.  After we who lived through the FDR (and later) years are the ones who know.  Be sure you write your history down.

Now that the LGBT is targeted I hope the liberals will admit how large a threat Muslims raised here and coming here are to our safety.

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