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Today is flag day. Today is a day of mourning, it is at half staff.

half staff

If the roles were reversed would the media be having a conniption fitWonkette Website is selling t–shirts showing Hillary beheading Trump.

Hmmmm…. guess it’s a criminal investigation after all.  Judge Links Clinton aide’s immunity to “criminal investigation.”

As of this writing: Florida Governor says Obama hasn’t called me.

Almost three dozen illegals were dropped off in Weatherford by an 18 wheeler.  I am of several thoughts about this.  One of my thoughts is “thank God they didn’t suffocate.”  Almost all of them we rounded up and apprehended.

You’ve probably heard this, I do not know what this man was other than a Muslim full of hate, many are saying he was actually gay. I do no know how that changes things, except for the hate crime aspect.  People are still dead and wounded, the liberals are still blaming his gun, right wingers and Christians.

Hillary Clinton, Saudia Arabia’s president of choice.

Chik-Fil-a’s generosity in Orlando has been making it all over Facebook but for those of you who don’t do Facebook, here’s the story.

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