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A Democrat Physician’s Case for Trump

The Clinton Foundation received nearly $17.7 million in donations from foreign governments while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state but you will have a hard time finding the information.

Why did the FBI drop the Mateen investigation?  Because the guidelines told them to.   I think we need to change those  guidelines.

But we were called racists when we said it was the inner cities…..

Not many names are as valuable as the Clinton name.  Read this one, too.

I watched this one small segment of Hannity last night, a very important one by a whistleblower on how much knowledge has been purged of those who would commit crimes against us.

Co2 is a valuable gas, we need it for life.

The Washington Post smears Trumpexpect more of the same.

The College Board is at it again. To the victor belongs the spoils and the writing of history.  This has gone on too long.

Have you seen the person who took a hostage at the Amarillo Walmart was a Muslim?  Unless you frequent right wing blogs and groups on Facebook you probably wouldn’t know that.

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