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Where do the refugees come from?  And I ask can we call them all refugees?

A Massive Wind Farm off Long Island is of course causing some dissension.

Loretta Lynch has something in common with Susan Rice, they both made all the Sunday big news shows to hide the truth.

Corrected Gravis poll has Trump well out in front of Clinton at national level It is a little hard to know who and what to believe. But CNN says Hillary’s lead is down to 5 points.

New York, New York, what a corrupted place.  New York Values, doncha know?

We all know what the redacted words are but Loretta Lynch and the administration think we are dumb as rocks and can’t fill in the blanks.  But we can cause we are not Democrats.

Foggy Bottom Breakdown all is not well in Obamaland. Although you won’t see it on the big time newscasts and newspapers all is not well in Hillaryland either.

Found on Instapundit who found it on Facebook.I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens in future textbooks.

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