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I was busy for the past week.  We had a big family celebration for fun and for Dick’s 81st birthday. One of my sons has a hill country ranch and the lake on it is very full after all the rain in Texas.  So there was swimming, kayaking, floating, swimming and even sailing.

Needless to say even though we had wifi, when all the 36 or so people showed up it wasn’t very efficient so I missed all the Brexit hoorah. I’m a little thrilled about that. But I like this particular link and this is the original article it is based on, you might want to read both.

Via Instapundit: House Democrats mistakenly release transcript confirming big payout to Clinton friend Sidney Blumenthal.  And this shows more of her fund raising payoffs: Newly released emails show Rajiv Fernando promised to make Hillary Clinton “look good” if he was appointed to the International Security Advisory Board. And now with the drip, drip of her infamy are more of her emails.

Also from Instapundit: WHEN THE NAZIS ARE THE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS: Neo-Nazis didn’t start the violence at state Capitol, police say. Still no arrests, though.

If the True (Republican) Benghazi attack report is given as much media attention as the Democrats version it would be devastating for the Administration and Hillary.  The Democrats say the Republicans squandered millions on the Benghazi investigation,  too bad they are not worried about the lives squandered by the administration.  Obama did not even ask for an Intel brief the day after the attack.  Of course not, he doesn’t do intel.

Yesterday our Supreme Court said it was okay to kill babies.  But in today’s paper a young woman was sent to prison for life for killing her baby.  Lesson here: she should have let a doctor do it. (sarcasm)

Virginia and letting the felons vote was pre planned and news given to some earlier than others.

Al Qaeda publishes an English language magazine called “Inspire.” In the current issue, al Qaeda addresses Omar Mateen’s Orlando murders and offers advice to jihadists

Federal Lab forced to close due to data manipulation

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