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Walking back another claim of climate change.  This story says it is updated but doesn’t show the changes made.  Did some climate scientist cry foul? But what has happened to our suns spots?

Obama and his cohorts definitely DO NOT want us to hear those Orlando 911 tapes.  He thinks we don’t know what was in them already.  And that information leads us right into this long article on the mindset that allowed the attack to happen.So deeply do he and his administration love America, that they felt secure enough in their own patriotism to appoint an America-hating radical to the Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Subcommittee on Countering Violent Extremism” It depends on what the meaning of patriotism is, to paraphrase.

Soros blames Merkel for immigrant chaos.

Have you heard about this? A federal judge barred the Labor Department from implementing a new policy that would force companies to disclose any advice they seek during union elections.

The final Doolittle Raider, who was one of 80 fliers to take off on the first bombing attack of mainland Japan following Pearl Harbor, attended the funeral of his last remaining comrade-in-arms.

Politifact Misses the story of the year. There are none so blind as those who will not see. ♪ ♫

This Shrinkage is something observant housewives noticed and talked about some time back. We are talking toilet paper, people.

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