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If this is true, no wonder we had such a problem when the Iranians captured a small Navy ship.

There have been many rumors about the resignation of Pope Benedict,  now he has a book out, this is from an article about that book: VATICAN CITY (Reuters) – Former Pope Benedict says in his memoirs that no-one pressured him to resign but alleges that a “gay lobby” in the Vatican had tried to influence decisions, a leading Italian newspaper reported on Friday. Is that lobby now in control?

Some very interesting statistics on wages based on sex and ethnicity. (or as the PC say, “gender” and ethnicity.)

Not for the first time: Rampant Voter Fraud alleged in Minnesota.  Al Franken call your office.

The liberals in higher education are the ones who are brainwashing the liberals in secondary education. That is my opinion and has been for at least 30 years.  It is far worse now.  This professor is writing about it. And one thing he says is stay away from New England colleges.

As a result of the above we get this:  How a generation lost its common culture. It’s long but worth the time to read it. Unfortunately there is no guide to getting it back.  Well, maybe Trump could speak to that, Take back our culture.  I have not seen that he has mentioned it exactly.

I have Don Surber’s blog on my RSS feed, but lately I haven’t glance through it because it is all avidly ALL about Trump.  Today though, he does have a valid point to make.

Minnesota Men at Play, via Powerline.  You have to know they are Muslims, finally they are identified as Somali males.

The Imploding Cabal to Criminalize Climate Dissent.

The good news story of the day, a Maryland dairy farmer gets his money back from the government, and others probably will.




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