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German Scientists believe a mini ice age is coming.  The original of this is in German so I won’t link to the original.

When all those who proclaim Climate change (global warming) as a disaster stop flying around the world wasting carbon, when they downsize to tiny house living, then we will believe they really want to do something.  And the climatistas are so committed they will allow more wind farms even though they may kill up to 6000 eagles per year.

Academia, of course, collapsed first in the Soviet Empire.  Anyone familiar with the last fifty years of that evil empire writes about the utter stultifying stupidity not only of the Communist Party leadership and cadres, but also of university systems, which churned out thousands of scientists who never discovered anything.  from the Stupidity of the Left.  The quote seems alarming in its familiarity with what is happening in academia.

We’ve heard a lot about the email server, the emails, and the foundation but we have not heard enough about this form of corruption, the work for the son in law’s hedge fund.  And the fact that ne’er-do-well husband of Chelsea and father of two grandkids Mark Mezvinsky ended up botching his hedge fund and losing his investors’ money does not prove innocence.

Who Ya Gonna Call, when the artificial intelligence demons take over the world.

Steven Hayward writing in Powerline Blog This is what’s wrong with America:

The Food and Drug Administration warned this week that Americans shouldn’t eat cookie dough or other raw batters, even if it’s egg-free, due to the risk of contracting E. coli .

First of all, eating cookie dough is the birthright of all Americans. It’s in the Constitution somewhere, in one of the “emanations and penumbras” about the centrality of hot dogs. Second, you really wonder how the human race survived and evolved at all without the FDA supervising our diets and eliminating all risks.


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