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Mika and MSNBC panel are appalled at Hillary’s actions.  I suspect they will still vote for her.

Meet the man James Comey indicted over a 21 word email.

It’s probable that John Hindraker on Powerline blog has more faith in the American people than I do, after all they elected Obama twice.

The AP Factcheck finds Hillary wanting. I suspect they will still vote for her.

FBI proves Hillary lied to the Benghazi committee, at this point, what difference does it make? /sarc

What Comey could not say, but Rashi did.

Sen. Cruz dropped the truth bomb, on the FBI and Hillary decision.

Some of the things Comey did not mention yesterday.

Two ads springing from the Comey speech.  There are many more to be made with all the “mistakes” she made.

Sorry folks, you probably know how much I would like to be writing about anything else, but this is what is in the news.  I’m tired of it, you’re tired of it, I wish we were talking about her being indicted as it should have been.

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