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You are a problem to be policed,  that is the aim of the socialists.

Obama Justice Dept laughed off New Black Panther Threat, so did the MSM.

Oops! We started a race war.

Death Cult Enviromentalism

Allen West is being optimistic.

When you’ve lost Maureen Dowd…. The Clinton Contamination. She is not really someone I have respected in the past and I still do not have confidence in many of her views, but it does look like she has admitted a big mistake. “Obama was left in the awkward position of vouching for Hillary’s “steady judgment” to run an angry, violent, jittery nation on the very day that his F.B.I. director lambasted her errant judgment on circumventing the State Department email system, making it clear that she had been lying to the American public for the last 16 months.” The fact that she thought Obama could be caught in their “goo” shows she is still not seeing Obama clearly.

Apparently some at the Washington Post are pretty disenchanted with the anointed one also.  Of course, that doesn’t mean they don’t want her for president. Also this: Democratic strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders, who’s helped guide politicians such as Sen. Mark Warner and former Sen. Jim Webb to victory in Virginia, says he’s voting for presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump over likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.”

Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn says he was fired as head of the DIA for calling our enemies radical jihadis.

Radicals are protesting violently but you probably won’t see it all on major news outlets. I heard so many commentators speaking of the “peaceful” protests on the Sunday morning news shows.  I was wrong just did a quick look back at the Washington Post and they have added this headline:  Hundreds Arrested as Protests Roil Two Cities. I guess they knew we watching other sources.  Even in London Black Live Matter is violent.

 The Hypocrisy of Blacks protesting police in Chicago just stuns me.  Why are they not protesting in the ghettos where black on black crime is killing so many? Same thoughts about Philly protestors. Or any of them for that matter.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke says Obama acts like a pyromaniac starting fires then watching them burn.  The honest man is going to catch a lot of flack for that.

The truth behind the statistics, who was shot and by whom plus the percentages.

The Media definitely has a lot to explain about what and why they lead with divisive headlines.

Houston, we have a problem.  Long periods in space is harming astronauts eyesight.

I have read so much today I would like to share, but this is a long list.  I could have made it pages and pages of links but enough is enough, or maybe too much.  Read what you can.







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