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Justice Ginsburg has gone way over the line in commenting on Trump.

The Democratic Senators have been assigned conservative groups to attack on the senate floor.

Trump is leading Hillary in two swing states?  We will have to see how this plays out.

Have you heard Gretchen Carlson is suing Roger Ailes for sexual harassment after she lost her job at Fox news? I always liked her as a news woman, but other women at Fox and Cavuto have come to his defense.  Now we hear this about the lawyer she is using- a  major donor to the Democrats.

Pamela Geller is suing Facebook for not allowing anti-Muslim comments in some cases.

Apparently it’s not as easy to get a Glock as it is to get a book.A plot to attack police in Baton Rouge was stopped after one individual was arrested during an attempt to steal guns for the planned assault from a local pawn shop. CNN reports:” This would be amusing if Obama’s remark at the memorial hadn’t been such a lie and in extremely bad taste.

If black lives really mattered we wouldn’t have this many deaths in major cities every week.

This doesn’t look good for Joe Paterno.

The Islamic State is quietly preparing its followers for the eventual collapse of the caliphate. This is not the good news it would seem.  They are preparing for more terrorism.

Katrina vanden Heuvel is happy the Democrats have become more left and progressive.

The Republican Party Platform on the other hand is becoming more conservative and getting closer to its base.  Who says politicians can’t learn?  Maybe they actually can.

June Hottest Month on Record?  It is just an overheated claim.

Ann Althouse, a law professor and long time blogger, former liberal turning independent or at least away from the Obama she voted for, opining on the New York Times reasons for their editorial on what Ginsburg said about Trump.  She is not for Obama anymore and has written much criticism of him.  This is interesting to see her mind at work on the NYTimes editorial.

From Powerline blog, an essay on David Kendall’s deceitful “Whitewater” op-ed This reminder needs to be brought out to the youngsters who in some cases were not even born at that time. This links that op-ed.

Another one from Powerline, a longtime reader who has worked as a federal agent for 20 years and been involved in hundreds of criminal investigations. Talks about the FBI ‘s failed investigation. This must be devastating to honest investigators.

TRAINWRECK UPDATE: The 15th Obamacare Co-Op Has Collapsed. Here’s How Much Each Failed Co-op Got in Taxpayer-Funded Loans.  from Instapundit.

Victor Davis Hanson asks: Have we reached a point of no return?

This is not good news, but at least it happened 45 years ago. The FBI is giving up on finding D. B. Cooper.

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