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Why Dallas? It was one of the best cities for black/white unity and police were doing exactly what they were told by the commission set up by Obama to reduce police towards black problems.

Already 240 published papers in 2016 show climate consensus is a fantasy.  Be sure to read the comments to see the one who says Michael Crichton was not a scientist being taught, but doesn’t learn, Dr. Crichton’s scientific credentials.

Justice Ginsburg has expressed regret at the Trump remarks.  At least now we know exactly how she feels.

The FBI investigated the Orlando shooter for 10 months and found nothing. Here’s why.  Someone should have told the IRS he was a conservative, then they could have read him emails, tapped his phone and in general done a real job of it.

Instructions for Bringing Down the Left.

A little late to the game.  Politico Magazine has finally figured out there is something really fishy about Hillary and her emails. And strangely some have to do with a Russian nuclear deal.  And also strange are some pertaining to Bill and some meeting with foreign nations. Strange… they also agree with the idea it is Nixonian, something is missing. Wow, who knew? /sarc

If black lives matter….. stop killing black babies.


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