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Did you see Newt last night.  He is for getting serious about Muslims in America.  Many don’t like it. I like a strong stance but we do have a constitutions and it must be followed.

The writer of this piece doesn’t understand why Trump delayed the announcement of his VP choice. I see it in 2 ways; 1. out of respect for the nation of France and the victims; 2. Waiting for the cable talk of the terrorist attack to die down so he could be the one all over the talk shows. This writer has a take that thinks it will be bad for him.  So far predictions that something is bad for Trump have been way off the mark.  Especially those carried by the Washington Post. And by the way the “Never Trump” people have lost the battle.  And this one compares Trump to the prosperity gospel preacher Joel Osteen.  The people of the Washington Post do NOT live in my world.  I just sit here shaking my head in wonderment.

It is now coming out what extreme demons these ISIS people are.  We had heard about burning people alive, drowning them in cages, but this shows an extreme cruelty that was kept from the public at the Bataclan massacre.  I suspect this is not their first try at these tortures.

Neocon says we have been at war since Sept 11th, 2001.  Something I’ve been telling people for quite a long time.  I do not understand how anyone can not see it that way.

The Invention of Hispanics.  

How Hard is this to Figure out?  For some people it is impossible.

If burning fossil fuels killed the dinosaurs, where did the fossil fuels come from.  We’ve been told for years, since my childhood, that fossil fuels came from the age of the dinosaurs.  So?????

Bluebell announces a new ice cream flavor.  I am not one who likes the first cookies and cream ice cream.

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