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Ben Stein is sick of it, sick I tell you.  And so are you and I; sick of the hypocrisy so rampant in the sports world, entertainment world and media world.

I am extremely offended by this article.  The writer cannot believe the first woman astronaut could actually be a Republican, possibly even a conservative.  Read the comments. And sadly,  I am probably a distant cousin to her.

Uh oh! Huma and Hillary may have some ‘splaining to do according to Breitbart concerning the 28 pages just released from the 9/11 report.  In looking at the report I find there is a lot of may be, may have been, could be and that type speculation in those pages.  But as for the Abedin connection there is atual information. Here is what the link had to say about it that gives a good explanation of the concern:

Posted By:Dreadnought, 7/15/2016 11:37:41 PM  – The declassified “28 Pages” released by Congress Friday afternoon concerning 9/11, terror funding, and Saudi Arabia contains a bombshell piece of information: The World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) is specifically named as having connections to terror funding and support for a number of worldwide terror groups. As Breitbart News has reported exclusively, the “Abedin family business” is an academic group called the Institute for Muslim Minority Affairs that is based in the London offices of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth and its parent organization, the Muslim World League. Huma Abedin, born in the United States but raised in—

John Hindraker of Powerline Blog now believes we must elect Donald Trump.

I hate to be an I told you so, but I told you so.  The Pulse Club wasn’t targeted because it was a gay bar.  Immediately after the attack one of the survivors said on TV news that it was the happening place every weekend where everyone came even though it was first a gay bar, the crowd was very mixed. The man did not have HIV and was a longtime user of steroids, those are new facts just released. I was able to read only the Lucianne link as LA Times has a paywall and limits reading of free articles.

Progressive/Socialists/Communist links to the BLM Movement.  A post in Ace of Spades blog with some links to other important information.

Richard Fernandez on the Turkey situation and our surprised state department.

Increased CO2 is no threat to mankind.  It’s all good, folks. Trust me on this one.

Turkey Coup: Try to picture Trump handling this well.  While it is written to disparage Trump, NeoCon says it is a perfect description of what Obama is actually doing on purpose.

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