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I haven’t heard a word about this on TV. The Black Panthers formed a chapter in Baton Rouge on Saturday.

Thought Reform in AmericaI would call it thought control.

Did Erdogan Stage a Coup to Crack Down on Opponents.  This may be a clue.  Bookie agrees with me.  Here’s a telling quote from Erdogan, that champion of democracy /sarc

Tom Brokaw thought we would be a different nation by nowHe thinks he was wrong, he thought Obama was going to change America for the good. He thinks we are stubborn and obstinate as children who will not learn. We have learned. We have learned we have a very ideological president who leans Muslim and is definitely a racist. We are a different nation, just not for the good. There is this: How Obama left us more racially divided than ever, written by a black man.

The Baton Rouge shooter was a member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.  A year ago Farrakan called for a war on cops.  I think this one answered the call.

Obama’s speech after the latest round of cop killing sounds good.  I wish I thought it was sincere. What I think is they all knew what he should have been saying all along and wanted us to think it is sincere.

Al Sharpton is even sleazier than we thought, well, maybe I did think he was that bad.  But this sounds  as bad as those emails from the African princes who just need your bank number to share their millions with you.

Hmmm…. if you want to visit Rome you best make it soon–maybe.

From Instapundit: THE WORLD’S MOST HATED INVENTION? In 1935, the first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma. We’ve been cursing them ever since.




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