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This is making me so angry, we have been purposely divided as a nation.

The Turks are taking a very bad turn.

The White House has no use for petition asking that Black Lives Matter be labeled a terrorist organization. I didn’t sign any of the petitions, I knew they really didn’t care what I or anyone else thought about it.  As a member of the tea party they think I am a terrorist.

Tired of being told what you just watched?  Try C-span.  I watch C-span a lot, especially Washington Journal every morning.  They also broadcast many of the hearings. If you cannot get it all on your TV try it online.

Conservative Latino leaders announce plans to back Trump.

An unoccupied police cruiser was firebombed outside a Florida mosque Sunday morning and a note supporting the Black Lives Matter movement was found at the scene, police said.

Obama’s Legacy – Dead Cops and I might add, many dead black men killed by other black men in gang wars and drug deals.  He could have done so much to try to reinforce the black families, to get young black me to stop have babies by many different women, black women (and white women) from having babies out of wedlock.  And a biggie saving many babies from being wasted by abortion.

Another cop acquitted in the Freddie Gray death.

Sarah Hoyt will find usually says the right thing, and if she finds someone who says it better, she shares.  Thank you Sarah.

Who is to blame for bias?

Should GOP seek fraud charges against Al Gore?  Should the world seek fraud charges? Should we just make him a laughing stock. There is a major spelling error at the site of this article.

Probably you have already seen this video, this is just in case you haven’t.  Sheriff Clark argues with Don Lemon on CNN.

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