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Rapper Will I. Am says “Killing cops not the answer, we gotta stop killing ourselves.”

Something to keep in mindGod Hears Prayers, not rabble rousers.

Three Modest Propositions by Victor Davis Hanson.  Brief, concise and to the point.

The Washington Post data on people who are killed by police, this is what Sheriff Clark was referring to when trying to get Don Lemon of CNN to listen.

Just who is coming across our border with Mexico.  These graphs will tell the story.

About the charges of plagarism by the Melania Trump speechwriter  I’ve wondered who said the words first, or how old they are, and I really think they go further back than this.

This Instapundit blog post has many links imbedded in it.  It is important that you read the post and in many cases read the links.  I know many of you have limited time for this but I hope you will take the time.

Obama Administration is allowed to let temporary workers join unions.

A word to the wise for those of us who are elderly, be sure to take your medicine.

This is the true feel good story of the day, and the cops are the heroes.

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