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An Open Letter to Republican Trump Naysayers.  Austin Bay is calling the anti-Trumpers Peter Pan Republicans.  Ted Cruz addresses his delegates this morning about his speech. A post in Ted’s defense.

If you Didn’t see Pastor Darrel Scott’s convention speech last night, watch it now.

From Instapundit: IRS WORKER COMMITS IDENTITY THEFT: Hack theft, not hacking. In the sense Lois Lerner was an Obama-Clinton political hack. Also an IRS worker nabbed on bribery charges and another on defrauding the government. OK, just three crimes (just three!), but the IRS is in desperate need of reform. Here’s the Inspector General Report for complete details (July 20 section of the report).

Another Democrat for whom laws don’t matter.

US Navy accused of prirating software – $600 millions worth

A Democratic National Committee delegate pledged to Hillary Clinton tried to murder her husband with a gun on Sunday, but the national media won’t talk about it.

Trumps plan for “burrowing” federal employees.

One of Hillary’s top VP picks has an email problem of his own. When that birds of a feather saying counts.

Democrats with bylines.  Something we already knew, but in case you didn’t this convention should have proved it. I’m sure they will all be comfy, cozy with the Democrats.

Calculated Risk – Richard Fernandez stating the truth, that is really all we have left.

I hope this is the last thing on the Trump/Cruz fiasco I have to send.  Trump is the nominee and I will vote for him vs Hillary.  I hope you do too.





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