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Five Charged in French Truck attack.  Another Gee, Who Knew moment.  Obviously not the French authorities as they did not even have them on their radar.

Will Cruz be vindicated?  Time will tell, but I don’t think Trump did himself any favors this morning by doubling down on the JFK rumor his friend started, he looked small.  Kicking someone when down is not something a true good character does.

Why are we hearing so much of this, female teachers and their students having sex? EWWW icky and what is wrong with this picture?  Depravity, no self respect and no respect for their job, for starters.

The Philadelphia Police Union is unhappy with DNC for celebrating blacks, even criminal blacks killed by cops but not cops killed by blacks or whites.  I hope they all vote for Trump.

These treasure hunters are wasting the time and the patience of the search and rescue teams.

I remember first hearing about the theory of what are called fossil fuels actually being formed deep within the earth without benefit of dinosaurs or other animal matter in the mid 1980’s.  I have to say it made sense to me. Now we have the news that Titan has lakes and river made of methane and ethane. Read this, it explains it much better than I can.

Today must be science day, or make that science theory day because right after reading the above, this showed up. Snowball Earth

Matt Walsh on Uniting around Principles I will vote Trump but I will not abandon Cruz and I have contributed to his campaign for Senate. (the non widow’s mite)

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