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Let the “Hillary Leak” series of emails from Wikileaks begin.  That was written Saturday, today’s news bring even more, Debbie not exactly banned from convention, but will only open and close it; emails questions Bernie’s religion;  PLANNED ANTI-TRUMP PROTESTS (let’s say it altogether, We are not surprised!); and held a joint fundraiser with the Washington Post even though they all knew that was illegal.

Bernie’s Revolution marches to Philly I had not planned to watch the DNC convention but it may be entertaining instead of just sickening.  Businesses are warned to Batten down the Hatches.

The New York Times says the Democrats are a party without a cause.

Oh what a tangled web, when Obama is called a racist by a Latina Democrat, she quickly backs it down.

Want to see what Cruz actually added to his speech? Here it is. I do not see how anyone, especially Trump, could take umbrage from those words.

Who is this Guccifer 2.0 who released those DNC emails to Wikileaks?  Why, the Russians of course.

If you are a Never Trumper, you might want to read this.

Most of this was read and gathered on Saturday.  I am posting it early because of a busy day ahead.  I maybe posting more later today, maybe not.

Later Links

It’s just sad  to see how right we were to think the media was so closely tied to the DNC.

No wonder the USA is so deep in debt and Medicare gets so much of the blame.  Multiply this by the possibilities in Medicare, Medicaid and all the other departments of government and we could probably kill the national debt by simply getting rid of fraud.

Do not forget, or take your eyes off the Panama Papers.  Almost lost among the many revelations is the fact that Russia’s biggest bank uses The Podesta Group as its lobbyist in Washington, D.C.

Oh Hillary!  FBI shuts down Russian spy ring for being too cozy with Hillary.

Obama’s Half brother (who is an American Citizen) says he will be voting for Trump.  I’m not sure this proves a lot.

Why voters are so angry.  We really didn’t need this very long article to tell us this, but it is validation.

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