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The media has been planning on a Hillary presidency for years.

The Zika Virus:  Visitors to the Dominican Republic account for more than a fifth of the confirmed Zika cases in the U.S. through mid-July, according to data from state health departments. New York, Florida and California alone tally 304 cases linked to the country, the data show.

Those leaked email show names of donors, big donors, who would, or should be appointed to federal office.

The emails confirm the Washington Post is definitely promoting Hillary, they are not shamed, today they have another story comparing Trump with Hitler.  They are shameless.

Hugh Hewitt has done the research on the media bias on twitter reporting and commenting on Melania Trump vs the Democrat leaked emails.  I think the media uses Twitter far more than the voting public and get the wrong idea of the country from them. They think the populace is using and getting their ideas from Twitter far more than is real.

Dick and I were watching when Ellison said George Wallace ran as a Republican,  George Stephanopolous did not correct him.  I do not think either one of them was embarrassed, I think it was a plan to paint him as a Republican.  It didn’t work this time, how many times has it worked?

Racially Incorrect Facts Regarding Race and Slavery

Trump: Tribune Of Poor White People

Greg Sargeant has been outed as a DNC shill at the Washington Post, wikileaks strikes again.

Cuomo is accused of violating the Hatch act, not just for San Antonio Hispanics anymore.



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