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As a teen cashier seeing food stamp use I changed my mind about the democrat party.

Journalists win in planned parenthood political prosecution case. The charges were dropped, perhaps the prosecutors saw the writing on the wall with the Supreme Court decision of a few weeks ago concerning the ex governor of Virginia.

I just heard on the news that the charges have been dropped against the remaining police officers in the Freddie Gray case.  Nice timing.

Newsbusters is a page you need to see.  It has stories on the stories most media posts.  It is a debunker of sorts.  I was going to link to a few of their stories but I think you should just take a look and sort it out as to which you want to read.  Enjoy. The first link (above) is all about the convention. To see what all they cover click this link.

I have been a Rush Limbaugh listener since he first went national. I listened as his belongings in the mover’s truck was apparently lost on its way from Sacramento to New York City.  I wasn’t listening when he recounted this story of his beginnings as a national radio show host.  You may find it interesting.  I realized early on he was getting a lot of news from blogs and sources like this, because I read them, too.

Seven ways the Democrats are wayyyyy more extreme than Republicans.  Only seven?

I’ve noticed and talked about this myself.  I bet you have, too.  We are a nation of what can you do for me people.  Americans want a mommy or daddy.

There are some “walls” the DNC likes, the ones that keep the hoi polloi out of their space.

Hillary is not the only one who thinks she is above the law, Facebook’s founder does too.

Shooting deaths of police up 78% this year

Black Lives Matter protestors want white reporters to the back  

George Soros – Soros has donated or committed more than $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes, according to Federal Election Commission records

The one place I agree with Rachel Maddow, but only on the way the speech began, how could he. .. I didn’t listen anyway.  She is admitting his sexual assault charges.  hmmmm……

Who knew a socialist expected freebies?  Apparently this town didn’t. Burned by Bernie.

A topsy turvy story about media bias in Hispanic Television.

Apparently McAuliffe let the wrong cat out of the bag with the TPP.

HELP!!  STOP ME BEFORE I LINK MORE!!  There is so much out there, so little time and space.  Remember you will not have to write a book report on these links. Just enjoy what you can.

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