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Well, this is interesting. Mexican Cartels are policing the border?  I always get annoyed with those “graphics” warnings because any picture is a graphic, but in this case I have a gruesome warning.

You’ve probably already heard that Black Lives Matter interrupted a moment of silence for slain police officers.  Did you hear The Bernie supporters walked out on Hillary’s speech?  I guess there really was a white noise machine.

Fact Checking the Democrat speeches–you might find some surprises in here.  I didn’t watch the speeches so it’s all news to me.

Sanders voters have a lot more in common with conservatives than they think.

From Jane the Actuary – what I heard in Clinton’s speech via Ace of Spades

Speaking of graphics, you can think up your own on this one, Hillary and the Democrats Mountain of Guano. Bookie does provide one but her words show it more clearly.

Former Obama Voters voting for Trump- Why?  from the liberal Talking Points Memo

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