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The FBI warned the Clinton campaign that it was a target of a cyber attack last March,

You just have to laugh at some of the Drudge headlines, this one was in red. TRUMP: NO MORE MR. NICE GUY…

The Germans have had enough troubles with “refugees.”

I was watching this as it happened this morning. Smerconish seems to get schooled by a real scholar on Russia and Nato.

Newsbusters contrasts the media coverage of the Republican and Democratic conventions.

Why did retired General John Allen speak for Hillary at the Democratic convention?, a story as sordid as the nominee.  I’m almost sorry I read the whole thing, but it does explain a lot about Benghazi.

A very personal response to an attack in Sweden, bad language, but you can’t blame the man, he is outraged at the rape of his ex girlfriend by “refugees.” If there is ever a time for extreme language this is it.

Twitter caught censoring Trump’s fund raising efforts.  What is it with these techie people.  They  make their money on our comments and tweets and yet think we should be controlled. To tell the truth I just don’t do Twitter, it is for the media and their ilk as far as I am concerned it is part of their bubble.

Study finds that without election fraud Bernie would have won in a landslide.

A leftist filmmaker is utterly shocked at the empty seats at the DNC convention, so shocked he made a video of it.

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