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Daniel Pipes knows what to say about Islamaphobic: DP: I do not recognize the term “Islamophobe” and do not know what it means except, in the immortal phrase of Andrew Cummins as a word “created by fascists and used by cowards to manipulate morons.”

Your question reverses the sequence of events. Islamist ideology breeds Islamist violence, which starts the process and in turn inspires anti-Islamic sentiments. Anti-Islamic views might also inspire more Islamist violence, but that is incidental. The real dynamic here is Islamism creating anti-Islam parties. As Norbert Hofer has shown in Austria, they are approaching 50 percent of the vote and with it, political power. …

We have to remember this Pope came from the home of liberation theology, sometimes it is hard not to believe in conspiracy theories. He is definitely a globalist who does not believe in borders.

And speaking of conspiracy theories this death of a DNC staffer has generated some.

After seven years the recovery is still slowgee, I wonder what happened?

On the HIPPA Laws and their myths.  I have to take the WaPo at its word on this, I am not a lawyer or in the medical profession.

$423,000,000 down the drain, OUR tax money. (Well our grandchildren’s at this point.) The Pentagon’s effort to maintain vehicles for Afghanistan’s military and train local troops to take care of its fleet has been a failure, a watchdog reported Thursday, with the program’s cost more than doubling to $423 million.

The Democrats and the Unions in their pocket, and they keep screaming about Citizens United? This shows their contempt for the unions and how they use them.

If you want an anti Hillary game for Apple products, forget it; if you want an anti Trump game look for one in the Apple store.

Bridging Troubled Waters- The Estrogen Convention

The Blue Collar White Guy Vote

The Koch brothers are planning to help the Republicans keep the senate.

The Democrats are the party of lobbyists.

A Tale of Two Muslim Fathers. One an American; one who is not.

SHE LIED! Hillary’s Tearjerker About Handicapped Girl in Wheelchair in DNC Speech WAS ALL A LIE! and they are shocked at this?



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