I have considered and pondered whether the Wikileaks DNC email scandal was an attempt by the Russians to interfere with our election by throwing Tump voters to Hillary or Hillary voters to Trump. This one thing I had not even thought of: the CIA getting back at Hillary for releasing very sensitive data in her emails.

A Clinton supporter set fire to a flag then attacked the Trump supporter who tried to put out the fire.

The Russian Money and John Podesta, as they say “follow the money.” and read the Wall Street Journal article on Why did Hillary’s State Department urge U.S. investors to fund Russian research for military uses? Is it possible this should be titled “Did Hillary sell access to the Russians, who then used it to hack our countries computers?”

Was Khan tricked into speaking at the DNC convention?  I don’t think so. Who is Kazir Khan?

The Pentagon was ready to roll in Benghazi but were not allowed.

America is doomed without restoring the rule of law, as any nation would be.

I jokingly said about this, “and this is a surprise?”  Not to a lot of people. New study shows men are their own favorite experts on any given subject. Actually it is about academics and their citations. It is one of the scandals of the academic world and peer reviews.

I do not  think it was a wise move for Trump to attack Kahn, but I also think it was wrong for the DNC to have him.  This is what I think –  decency is having the heart to tell a family their son died due to your mistake.

Some donors are not happy the Koch Brothers are not giving support to Trump

It’s the Supreme Court, Stupid. (not my words, I would have left out the “stupid.”)

I’m sure it broke their hearts to do it but The Washington Post Fact Checker gave Hillary FOUR Pinnochio’s.

Someone must be worried about that 1 electoral vote.

I think I can relax on the exercise situation now.  I sit at this computer A LOT!.  But while I am doing that I am also doing dishes, making the bed, walking up and down a very long hallway and doing the laundry, watering the plants, cooking, doing dishes, (yes, twice, or more. The sink is a perpetual clean up area) and all those other things housewives do.  I think I’m okay on the exercise front.

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