I love Facebook for keeping in touch with my very large and extended family, I do not like its bullying tactics against conservatives, even those I do not personally like; Michael Savage.

The Washington Post has 15 anti-Trump headlines on its online front page this morning, as of 10 AM.

Twitter is getting some well deserved Flak over its political bent. I think this pretty well covers the online wars this morning.

There is something that doesn’t want Olympics games in Rio.

That base in Turkey is apparently still under seige.

I don’t trust the EPA or anyone in government to investigate the EPA generated mine spill, but at least they are putting on a show of it.

Video of Thomas Sowell on what the welfare state has done to black people.

Trump and the politics of moral outrage, by Victor Davis Hanson.  He seems to prefer Trump over Hillary.  And Ben Sharpiro says Democrats have no right to claim moral superiority.

 hillarys campaign


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