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I did not expect to respect this point of view, but it says exactly how I feel about Trump. I am especially taken by this: This situation reminds of the fable of the drowning man who turned down three rescue attempts with the rationale that, “God would come and save him.” When he drowned, he questioned God about why He would allow him to die. God responded with, “I sent you three boats!”                          Whether we like it or not, America is drowning and the Trump boat, though less than desirable, is the only viable option for rescue we have to keep us afloat for the time being. Be sure to click through on the link to the other Christian woman’s post.

Guy Benson has Five Problems with Republicans for Johnson – Weld.

These stories are very, very interesting. Read them all.  Was this a thwarted attempt at a political murder?    A previously reported dead FBI agent found at Trump Tower with a silenced pistol    How he was supposedly killed.  Is this a lesson in How It’s Done?

Bill Clinton got millions from the world’s biggest Sharia law education firm.

I said the same thing as this on Facebook in several places. Hillary’s Crimes vs Trump’s Mouth.

Richard Fernadez says this about Trump: He understood the question.  The others were missing the mark by answering the wrong one. in his new essay It’s not the Bull, its the China Shop.

Supreme Court temporarily blocks transgender restroom order. “The order comes as something of a surprise given the current composition of the court,” said Steve Vladeck, CNN contributor and professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law. He would say that.

About that Texas Voter ID Law, all it not as it seems.  LA Times has a different point of view, however they did not get into the details.

The Pope is right on the Transgender and children.

This is NOT news, but it does explain some things.  Democrats looking past mere victory, hope to End the Trump Movement. If they win, democracy as we know it is over.

You can read the Clint Eastwood interview everyone is talking about, here.

Don Surber is so pro Trump I seldom read what he writes but I do check his blog every day. This time I see something to share with you.  It is on the media feeding frenzy.

John Hindraker opines on the Democrats anti-energy platform.

Shock, media complicity in false Trump imploding stories. Another blog so pro-Trump I find it not necessary, but in this case he is quoting Howard Kurtz.

Have you seen anything about Bill Clinton telling illegals to vote?

Cindy Sheehan is telling the Khans, Watch out, I’ve been there, done that, used and thrown away. (paraphrasing)

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