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I’m not a lawyer, I don’t even play one on TV, but if this article about making the movie on Snowden is true it seems to me someone’s free speech is being violated;  wherever you might stand on the issue. This would make it illegal to profit from his crimes and the Department of Justice (DOJ) should confiscate all money made by the violators. I agree ISIS leaders and other of our enemies should not be consulted.  I do not like Oliver Stone’s movies but I have not seen them. I see very, very few movies.                      I was appalled when Dinesh D’Sousa was jailed primarily for making a movie criticizing the current administration. In that case after his sentence was served the judge went beyond his powers and sentenced him to essentially what was to be brainwashing by the thought police. In his case it didn’t take, it wouldn’t take with Stone either, and would be just as wrong.

Arrested ISIS sympathizer claims fellow militants are in Mexico waiting to act.

It is too hot here but in New Zealand they are having record cold.

That man charged with supporting ISIS in North Carolina had ties to one in Texas.

It is interesting to see the pros and cons of why or why not voting for Trump is the right thing to do when one is a practicing Christian.

Federal Retirees are beginning to feel what many other retirees have felt for years.

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