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A federal appeals court slapped the IRS with yet another rebuke Friday

Could Trump have been right? Propaganda film suggests Iran DID videotape cash-drop plane  He could also be right about the coming election being rigged.  Another read: Sliming Trump.

Obama’s News Conference, everything wrong with the Democratic Party encapsulated.

This is very convoluted but Kazir Khan’s firm was associated with the Clinton email server.

Taken to the Cleaners, Richard Fernandez on the payment to Iran

When I read this headline about placing Syrian refugees in outlying areas my first thought was this hmm… good move.  Put them where they can soon become the majority voters.  Am I being cynical?

Are you a part of Hillary’s “Permission Structure?”  Do you plan to vote for Trump? Mentioned in this article is  Jonathan Rauch’s article in the Atlantic, When American Politics Went Insane. It’s a very long article and you probably won’t want to read all of it. I didn’t. I skimmed it. I saw and heard him on TV and I know he thinks Republicans and especially conservatives should never be listened to as they are such flawed individuals.

Oops! FBI targets unions and Philly politics.  Nah, couldn’t be, union and politics. Never happen.  /sarc

Australia suspends World Vision funding over allegations its Gaza representative funneled millions to Hamas  At least they learned a lesson.


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